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Serenity: Arizona

August 20, 2022

I took this photo while alone at the Grand Canyon. I was walking along the paved, black pathway and stopped for a moment. A California Condor flew above as this photo was being taken and added to the scene. There is such depth and contrast. Four friends and a black backpack was tossed behind them on this rock. The dangling of their legs reveals their peacefulness while at the edge of death. It was calming as the photographer. I sat for a moment and wondered what they were thinking.

I visited the canyon this past August of 2022. The following day, I hiked the canyon alone and unprepared. I hiked down and barely made it back to the top. Exiting the canyon, I felt truly called to write a personal narrative about my near-death experience. I want to tell others about what happened to me and how to stay safe. My book in progress: "The Most Dangerous Trail: Inside the Grand Canyon as a Solo Hiker" is being completed 100% by me. This narrative is all true, and all events should be taken seriously and teaches the reacher about the dangers of hiking. This canyon is truly breathtaking. I use 'breathtaking' sparingly, solely for the purpose that this canyon nearly did, take my breath away.  

Grand Canyon: As Seen In
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