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About My Book:

What guided me to create this nonfiction narrative?

I believed that ever since my experience inside the Grand Canyon, I felt called to speak to others, not necessarily through my voice, but through the art of literature. My inspiration was never lessened throughout the creative and writing process. I never have considered myself an author or even valued writing in previous years but knew I had to make a change. Since this past summer, I realized that I had a new passion to deliver. 

Why Am I Invested?

I truly hope to deliver a strong message. As a reader, a message can be delivered in many ways. Within my essential question, "What is the best approach I can take, to effectively deliver my message to an audience?" the writing or photography can be a factor, but the book as a whole, the meaning behind my message is the most important.

Within my book, there will be images that were captured throughout my experience. As a passionate photographer as well, I made sure to express my vision through my photos and my voice through the writing. I hope to reach a new audience, one that is willing to learn valuable information about a personal journey. I hope to craft a group who understands my work and is willing to realize the difficulties and obstacles faced. I strive for an audience that is as proud to read my publication as I am to write it.

Thank you everyone. - Austin 

About My Book: About
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