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The Most Dangerous Trail:

Inside The Grand Canyon As a Solo Hiker

The meaning behind my soon-to-be published nonfiction personal narrative.

"The Most Dangerous Trail" is a nonfiction personal narrative that is written by Austin Sullivan. This book depicts the story of a 17 year old boy who hiked the Grand Canyon alone on August 21, 2022. The weather at the south rim was an average 77 degrees, although at the bottom of the canyon, temperatures exceeded 115 degrees. With limited hydration, no cell service and no one around, the panic began to settle in. Tourists began making their way back to the top, while Austin continued to descend. His father, anxiously waiting at the top, was hoping for that one phone call, although no luck for hours on end.

This publication will be available soon and is not one to be missed. Join along on the journey by staying up to date on, as well as becoming a member to receive further updates regarding art and literature. 


Hello, this website has been updated and heavily modified with new updates as of November 1, 2023. I've now incorporated further photography as a part of my website and will be keeping the name 'Austin Sullivan Art' the same, due to photography being an art medium as well. After a life-threatening encounter at the Grand Canyon just months ago, I felt called to write about my own experience and craft that experience into literature for you to read one day.

I hope my book will be published in 2025 if all goes well. 

Find out more about my experience in the 'Grand Canyon' tab. 


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- Austin

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Update 01-19-2023:

Hello All, Austin here! What you see is a work in progress of my first self-portrait. I hope you all are excited for the finished product!

Important News:

New copies of work will be arriving soon!! Be on the lookout for future designs and new, never-before seen artwork from Austin Sullivan....

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